How to prevent furniture screws from being damaged


  Furniture screws are a kind of furniture accessories that have been used for a long time. They play an important role in furniture hardware accessories, and screw parts are needed in almost every part of wooden furniture. The strength and ease of use of screws are also related to the later furniture. The convenience and service life of the use, so as to ensure the life of the furniture screws is very important, how to prevent the furniture screws from being damaged?
  How to prevent damage to furniture screws?
How to prevent furniture screws from being damaged
  First, prevent gravity pressure
  For example, manufacturers should use professional equipment when using furniture screws, try not to use manpower, because the manpower operation process may cause the "twisting buckle" to affect the life of the furniture screws, and at the same time, after using the furniture, if you use the door for a while, you will find the door panel. When the screws of the parts are raised, do not use strong force such as a wrench or a hammer, which will cause irreversible damage to the furniture screws directly.
  Second, anti-corrosion
  Although the furniture screws have to undergo many quality inspections and inspections before leaving the factory, the factors such as the space environment in the later stage will still cause damage to the furniture screws, such as if you spray or paint some corrosion agents (including flies) on the furniture for a long time. Potion/air fresheners, etc.) may cause the corrosion of the screw corrosion layer to cause rust stains to affect the life.
  Third, prevent furniture screws from being disassembled frequently
  In principle, the screwing of the furniture screw does not affect its life, but in the actual process, due to improper operation or improper use of non-professionals, plus some high-grade furniture materials are hard, screwing in the furniture screws will lead to Furniture sheets and screws are double damaged, so try not to disassemble them frequently under non-special circumstances. Even if you want to disassemble, try to use some lubricated products to reduce the resistance.
  The first premise to avoid damage to furniture screws is to prevent damage from external forces. In particular, it is forbidden to use some hammers to tap the screws for a long time, which will cause the screws to bend. After bending, it is basically equivalent to scrapping. Even a slight bending will make the use of furniture screws. The requirements for fastening are greatly reduced or not achieved, so protecting the furniture screws is also critical for furniture manufacturers and individual buyers.