How to install furniture screws


It can be said that there are more and more types of furniture, no matter what kind of furniture, furniture screws are indispensable. When it comes to furniture screws, you have to mention the installation. So how to install furniture screws? How to tighten and reinforce it?
1. The plastic insert is driven into the round hole of the plate.
2. Screw the furniture screws until the metal thread is invisible. Of course, don't overtighten.
How to install furniture screws
3. Screw the side plate into the hole to be inserted to avoid bending the furniture screws.
4. Turn the eccentric portion out and aim at the screw that exposes the head.
5. Rotate and tighten.
In addition, whether it is the installation or disassembly of furniture screws, everyone should pay attention to the furniture screws, do not mess, do not get dirty.